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Do you want to do something exciting and unique? Something that even the smallest members of the family would be excited about? Have you ever heard of a program that mixes modern technology with the history of the past?

What we’re showing now is an amazingly rare and interesting recommendation.

You’ve probably heard of VR goggles, which when we pick them up we only see the virtual world. Nothing else from the outside world. And if we move our heads, we can steer events in the direction we like.

This is exactly the spirit of the VR tours in Budapest. Without a time machine and all kinds of magic, we can travel back to the past and experience the atmosphere of what was once Budapest, we can admire the streets or the castle.

On the 1.5-hour walking tour we can enjoy the VR experience through 7 stops, which presents the history of Buda Castle and Budapest through the historical age with 3D animations and with the help of the VR glasses.

The 7 stops of the tour guide us through 7 historical eras from the 13th century to the 1956 revolution, so we can get to know every detail of the castle’s past.

The developers of the application have thought of everyone, so the audio guide available in 8 languages ​​between each station helps us to navigate the thread of time and gives an even deeper insight behind the stops of the walk.

It is a unique experience not only in Budapest, but also worldwide, so no one will leave the walks disappointed.

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