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The permanent exhibition of the Vasarely Museum can be seen in various floors and exhibition spaces in the building. The museum awaits the general public not only for permanent but also for temporary exhibitions. The institution follows the artistic oeuvre in chronological order from the first drawing circle in Budapest, to op art works based on various materials and genres. We invite you to an exhibition surrounding every detail of Vasarely’s work.

After the renovation, which has been going on since the summer 2021, the museum can be visited again from Saturday, January 15, 2022, where the institution will also be preparing a new temporary exhibition.


Who was Vasarely?

He was born on April 9, 1906 in Pécs, under the name of Csiszár Győző. In 1908 his family moved to Budapest, where the child's name changed: since then he uses the name Vásárhelyi Győző.

On September 24, 1981, he signed the donation letter of the Vasarely Museum, which was planned for Budapest, and two years later, in the spring of 1983, the first Vasarely exhibition opened at the Museum of Fine Arts, where the artist gave a lecture on his foundation concept and presented and led the exhibition.

The Vasarely Museum in Óbuda also opened on May 8, 1987, with 411 works of art and 92 publications.


The history of the museum building

Zichy Castle, is the home to the museum, located in Óbuda. The construction of the castle was initiated by Péter Zichy in the 17th century. In the second half of the 19th century - the building material was, among other things, the remains of Roman walls, from which the beautiful building was made.

It operated as a military cloakroom until 1945, and later, from the 1970s, Zichy Castle was intended as the cultural center of Óbuda, so the first step was to restore and renovate the main building. Architects Péter Molnár and János Kóris were commissioned to design the Vasarely Museum, so thanks to the designers, the museum gained its final form in 1986.

Victor Vasarely died on March 15, 1997, at the age of 91 in Paris.

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