The Secrets of the Basilica in Budapest


The Budapest Card gives you the opportunity to visit the most famous and versatile sights of the capital, with a huge discount. There are places where you don’t even have to buy an entry, all you have to do is show your card and the entry is totally free. We take a look at the most popular places that every tourist should see and visit. We will guide our readers to places they can’t see anywhere else in the world, only here in Budapest. It will be an interesting trip and a good planning opportunity in case you have Budapest in your mind as your next holiday destination. Haven't been to Budapest yet? No problem, all the information is here to help you describe a pinpoint program and itinerary.

You’re wondering, right from the start, when planning a holiday, what are the places you shouldn’t miss by any means. We will help everyone with this. In our opinion, it is not a sightseeing tour of Budapest without wandering around the city, without visiting St. Stephen's Basilica. At this time of year, throughout December, a beautiful Christmas market awaits visitors on the St. Stephen's Square. In this time of the year, the area can be crowded for many, so this half of the year we only recommend it for those who can handle the larger crowd. On the square, of course, you can still find chimney cake and special Christmas cookies, just follow the smell of the mulled wine, that circulates in the air and where everyone eats gingerbread or winter sausages. The Basilica will also feature a playful Christmas play of lights in these weeks, which will be repeated on the front wall of the Neo-Renaissance cathedral in the evenings. It’s also a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else in the city or in Hungary. So magical, you have to experience it!

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What can we see inside, what is the second tallest building like in Budapest?

In one of the most significant church buildings in Hungary - which is also the co-cathedral of the Esztergom-Budapest archdiocese - there are many sights and interesting things to discover. Those who come here certainly do not expect what will unfold in front of them in the sister building of the Basilica of Esztergom. The building is named after Hungary's namesake, King St. Stephen, whose right hand is still kept in the building to this day. The Holy Right Hand is housed in the Basilica, one of the most valuable national relics, and is guarded by the 96-meter-high cathedral, which is the second tallest building in Budapest after the Parliament. Hungary’s first king’s right hand is safe here, in the heart of Budapest.

The Basilica can accommodate almost 8,000 people. The architect, József Hild, wanted to design a building, big enough to welcome as many people as possible. The history of the building began in the early 1800s, but actual work did not begin until August 14, 1851.

Finally, based on the plans of Miklós Ybl, it reached its final form today, which shows a significant difference from the original plans, mainly in the design of the facade. Ybl realized the plans were statically flawed, so he had to redesign the building. Through the spacious forecourt between the facade towers stretched apart by a huge semicircular cabin, you can enter the building and enjoy the amazing view that the size of the cathedral presents to us.

The basilica is extremely rich in works of fine art. Beautiful paintings, sculptures and carvings adorn the walls of the building.

But where exactly can we use the discounted ticket?

In the dome of the basilica, a gazebo opened its doors a few years ago, offering a breathtaking panorama of the capital. You can also choose the elevator to get to the top, but the brave ones will conquer the dome on the stairs. A narrow spiral staircase leads up to the bell, next to which the view of the beautiful Budapest unfolds in front of us.

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