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Most people only think about Budapest when they visit Hungary. But Hungary is not only the capital, it is worth seeing not only Budapest here, but also what the surrounding towns and villages have to offer. So many sights and attractions are hidden outside the capital, it would be a shame to miss them!

The city of Gödöllő belongs to the Budapest agglomeration, Pest county. It is located 30 kilometers northeast of Budapest. Its most famous landmark is the Grassalkovich Castle, which dates back to the 18th century. One of the most prestigious Hungarian lords of the 19th century, Antal I of Grassalkovich began its construction after 1735.

In June 1997, new rooms for the royal suites were completed, and a year later the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Exhibition opened. On August 10, 2001, on the 250th anniversary of Maria Theresa's visit to Gödöllő, rooms commemorating the Grassalkovichs and the Baroque period of the castle were added to the permanent exhibition.

The Baroque Theater, renovated in 2003, and the pavilion in Királydomb, handed over in 2004, can be visited as part of a museum visit. In 2010, the Rudolf and Gizella wings, the riding stables and the baroque barn of the castle were renovated, as well as the reconstruction of the bunker of Governor Miklós Horthy.

In the upper park of the castle, the two-winged palm house was built in 1870 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The modern, well-equipped, iron-framed palm house is based on Austrian patterns. Next to it, a horticultural pre-breeding farm and garden apartments were established, and in 1895 a heated greenhouse was established. From 1950, Soviet formations were stationed in the castle. The area they used also included the palm house, the condition of which had completely deteriorated by the 1990s. The building was renovated in 1997 and is still operating as a gardening center.

The institution is a popular venue for colorful family programs, quality cultural festivals, concerts and events throughout the year. The Budapest Card provides a 15% discount at this location, which is why we encourage everyone to visit the castle, as they may not have an everyday experience here.

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