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The Budapest Card brings us another beach experience and at the same time a 20% discount on the entrance fee. Located in the former Aquincum area, the Roman Lido also can be used by a discount with the card, which is a very popular destination for those who are trying to avoid the summer heat and cool off somehow.

The area was known as a water site area since Roman times. Today's name reminds us that the Romans were already building a bath here in the II. century, on the banks of the Danube and Aquincum was supplied with water from here.

The area around the springs was a sacred place and archaeologists also found the foundation of walls of the sanctuary in the area. 

The beach is very close to the city, yet far from the noise and busy, crowded streets and bustle of cars. The beach has three pools; the adventure pool has a slide, a steam bath, as well as a sauna and steam room.

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