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Robert Capa brought his restless, adventurous spirit and his never-ending energy out of Hungary. Perhaps these are the most appropriate words to describe Robert Capa and summarize his life path in a few sentences.

He left his homeland in 1931. The stories about him in the world's photographic history made him famous and into an iconic character of the photographic history in the Spanish Civil War, during World War II, and in China as well. One of his most famous sayings is, "If your pictures aren't good enough, it's because you're not close enough." He was a genius when creating photos and his work made him a true legend.


On July 12, 2013, a new, modern contemporary visual institution called the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center was established in Budapest. Another facility that encourages us to choose the Hungarian capital as a destination.

The establishment of the photography center is a professional recognition of Hungarian photographers, and it fulfills the many years of work, the important stage of which was the acquisition of the Robert Capa legacy and heritage in 2008.

The location of the photography center is the building built by Ernst Lajos on Nagymező Street in Budapest, so it can be easily reached from anywhere in the city center.

The center opened its doors to the general public on December 3, 2013, and has been receiving great interest ever since.


The exhibitions are unique. It showcases not only Capa’s life and works, but photos of many other known and unknown talents, whether they be contemporary or past century creators. You can visit the center free of charge with the Budapest Card.

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