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When it comes to relaxation, the Budapest Card is guaranteed not to disappoint. The card provides discounted entry to the most beautiful and famous baths of Budapest, for children and adults as well.

Palatinus Beach is a great place to let off your steam and recharge. What do you think?

Palatinus is a thermal spa with 11 pools on Margaret Island. One of the popular attractions on the beach is the wave pool. For the little ones, the outdoor and indoor pools are perfect to swim in both in winter and summer. These pools are also full of games and smaller slides.

With a pool playground on the beach, staff wants to make the place even more attractive for families with small children, which is why they organize various animated children’s programs in the summer season.

Of course, the bigger ones were not forgotten either.

The adventure pool has a cavalcade of hot tubs, neck showers and various massage jets.

Those who are interested in more extreme experiences can test their courage in the slide park.

The healing water which comes from the spa's own well helps to regenerate and recharge with the power of nature.

Guests who want to heal and relax can experience the beneficial effects of the thermal water both outdoors and indoors.

In today's fast-paced world, medicinal water has become significantly more valuable, as it has a proven role in preventing disease and improving general well-being.

Immerse yourself in the foams of hot thermal water and enjoy a refreshment on the Palatinus beach with a 20% discount with the Budapest Card.

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