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Opened in 1906, the Museum of Fine Arts is considered one of the most important museums in Europe, not by chance! One of the main destinations, not only for domestic but also for foreign visitors in Budapest. The diversity and historical continuity of the artistic material of the museum is unique, the large number of masterpieces rightly give the institution a prominent place in the list of public collections and also a prominent place in the rankings of museums around the globe.

The Museum of Fine Arts presents the memories of universal and Hungarian art from antiquity to the end of the 18th century, and its large-scale temporary exhibitions attract hundreds of thousands inside the institution every day. Not only Hungarians, but also foreigners visit the museum, so we highly recommend it! After 1957, the Hungarian works were separated from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in two stages, which were found in the Hungarian National Gallery, which we also wrote about on this page earlier.

In 2012, the two institutions merged, and in 2018, the Hungarian-related works made before 1800 returned physically to the renovated Museum of Fine Arts. The Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts can also be visited free of charge with the Budapest Card.

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