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Cozy environment, friendly service. This traditional dish, or rather sweetness, is a festive cake from Transilvania. The recipe has been shaped by traditions and by various local ideas for centuries. The melted caramel layer of the hot sticky sugar easily absorbs the chopped seeds, sugar, or even nuts, further enhancing the taste and look and expanding the repertoire in even more directions.

The most popular flavors are vanilla, coconut, walnuts, cinnamon, almonds, chocolate, cocoa and poppy seeds, but the ice cream version is also popular in many other places.

Molnár chimney cake uses only quality ingredients, the dough is stretched to a finger's thickness and sliced ​​with a custom-made cutter. For outdoor programs, baking on the classic embers can also be done, but the delicacies are also baked in an electric oven at the shops.

Molnár Kürtöskalács is made according to a traditional recipe, using a traditional method. In addition to the chimney cake, guests can enjoy delicious coffee or, in good weather, locally made Italian ice cream. The Budapest Card provides a 20% discount for guests.

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