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The Budapest Card provides free admission to the Military History Institute and Museum. The imposing building of the Institute and Museum of Military History, is located in one of the most frequented places in Budapest, on the Buda side, on the northwest corner of Buda Castle, which is frequently visited by foreign and domestic tourists. It is also easily accessible by public transport, which is also totally free with the Budapest Card.

The task of the Institute of Military History and the Museum is to research, map and explore the material memories of Hungarian and related universal military history, both at home and abroad, in close cooperation with local museums. Organizing and conducting international and domestic scientific conferences and events is one of the main profiles of the institution.

Many people also come because of the library, the map library, or the archives, but most come here because of the invaluable relics of the Military History Museum.

In addition to plenty of temporary exhibitions, visitors can also meet many regular ones. One example: The Armoury, which is a great collection of weapons which has ever been used by Hungarian soldiers. Another popular exhibition is called Under The Banners Of Francis Joseph

This part of the permanent exhibition was opened on 20 May 2016, and it presents the structure of the Hungarian military in the period between the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and the outbreak of the Great War.  One of the most visited exhibitions was Hungary in the Great War, 1914–1918.

The Museum’s latest permanent exhibition organically fits in the exhibition series representing the history of the Hungarian soldier, and in the Commemorative Programmes of the First World War organized by the MoD Military History Institute and Museum.

The exhibition series may be interesting not only for Hungarians, but also for foreigners, as they can better understand and get to know the present based on the past and can draw many interesting conclusions between the history of Hungary and modern life.

The exhibitions are located in one of the most impressive buildings in the Buda Castle District, so a visit to the museum can be combined with a pleasant walk in the castle.

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