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What is Memento Park? Have you heard of it before? Like many other sights, Memento Park is one of the greatest ones in Budapest. It is one of the most special and unique attractions of the capital, not only a landmark and a place to visit, but also a hiking spot and a great weekend destination if you are planning a walk somewhere.

The Sculpture Park Museum, the Barracks Cinema, the Photo Exhibition and the Warehouse Exhibition offer a complex experience for all ages in one place.

Memento Park is a place that is built into a thematic facility in Central Europe, and cannot be compared to any other places. Reminiscent of a dictatorship and its fall - this is what this exceptional presentation is about.

The Sculpture Park opened its doors in 1993. After the reveal it was so popular and got so much public attention, it became, at the time of its establishment, one of the most visited places in the city, it was integrated into the list of museums and other sights of the capital with its continuous and trouble-free operation. In the XXII. district, the sculptures adorn the Tétény Plateau. Since its opening, it has been operating as a cultural and tourist facility, one of the most popular destinations for Hungarian and foreign tourists in Budapest. With the Budapest Card, you can visit this landmark free of charge as well as many other beauties in the city.

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