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20% discount with the Budapest card to the biggest outdoor beach in Budapest, to Lupa Beach. Enjoy the summer on the coolest beach in the Hungarian capital!

How did the history of this beach start? In the summer of 2017, thanks to a new project, the nearly hundred-hectare Lupa Lake and its more than half-kilometer long shoreline were cleared, paving the way for the history of Lake Lupa and Lupa Beach.

The crystal clear water, the white sand beach with palm trees, parasols, cocktails quickly became a popular destination for those who are looking for a place to chill and cool off their head.

The location is the border of Budakalász. We have to take the HÉV number 5 to Budakalász station, then from there you can get to the beach in about 20 minutes, by walk, or you can also get from the Budakalász HÉV stop by the electric Lupa minibus to the beach. The ticket price is 200 HUF / person.

The trip is worth the time for the beach atmosphere: you can go for a cocktail, swim, play beach volleyball, beach soccer, go kayaking, drink an ice cold beer and even try SUP, scuba diving or wakeboarding. A special children's pond has been created for children, so everyone can find the most suitable form of relaxation for them.

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