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The Hungarian National Museum is the national museum that collects and presents material relics of Hungarian history. Its main building is Budapest VIII. district, on Museum Boulevard, in an easily accessible location in the city center.

It can be reached by tram, bus, metro or even on foot from different parts of the city in a relatively short time.

The task of the institution is to collect, preserve and present the past of the former inhabitants of the Carpathian Basin, as well as the memories of the history of the Hungarian nation to the present day, using scientific methods. The diverse and varied exhibitions give a closer look at the history of Hungarians.

The collection of millions of objects contains invaluable treasures of world-famous archeological finds, Hungarian history and cultural history, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, only here at the Hungarian National Museum.

On November 25, 1802, Ferenc Széchényi decided to donate his collections to the nation, and with this established the bases of the museum.

In addition to the ideological and objective growth of the Hungarian National Museum, the construction of a worthy building became a national matter in the first third of the 19th century. Finally, Article 37 of the 1836 Act provided the necessary amount for the new, independent building of the Museum. Mihály Pollack, a significant figure in Hungarian classicist architecture, was the one who designed it. Construction took place between 1837 and 1847.

The museum also played a significant role in the period of the Revolution and the War of Independence of 1848–49.

The Hungarian National Museum grew with additional branches in 2012, when member institutions operating in the county museum organization were attached to it.

Permanent exhibitions include the exhibition of the coronation mantle, the exhibition called On the Border of East and West, and the two-part exhibition on the History of Hungary.

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