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The Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives collects, processes in a scientific sense, makes it researchable, carefully preserves and nurtures it, and makes the Hungarian Jewish cultural values ​​known to the widest possible audience, creating a balance between the preservation of traditions and the protection of cultural heritage. This museum also plays a very important role in presenting the past and outlining the present of Budapest, which is why the Budapest Card gives a 10% discount on the entrance fee here.

As a dynamically developing, well-known Hungarian Jewish cultural institution, it promotes dialogue between the Jewish community and the non-Jewish population, forming an open, visitor-friendly service and meeting point.

Their permanent exhibition is called Tamid: Always. This exhibition presents the basics of Judaism, Jewish everyday life, holidays, and life cycles. Some of these are well-known, as their origins can be traced back to stories read in the Bible, so they may be familiar to many of us. Jewish customs are evolving in the context of changing circumstances and the constant reinterpretation of ancient heritage, but the rhythm of life still follows the ancient order of the day.

In this exhibition you can see a selection of ceremonial objects, books and furniture preserved in the museum's collection. Going through the halls, you can learn about the culture of everyday life and the Sabbath, the holidays and the Jewish stages of life.

The Cemetery Garden is also part of the exhibition, in the form of an outdoor experience. The garden next to the Dohány Street Synagogue building is a symbolic area of ​​barely a thousand square meters of garden in the history of Jewish and non-Jewish coexistence in Hungary.

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