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The Goldberger Textile Collection, which is based on the collection of the former Textile Museum, can be viewed free of charge with the Budapest Card. During the merging of the institution into the Óbuda Museum, all the works of art in the museum's register were managed by the Óbuda Museum, together with the library and data archive documents, so those interested can find the early relics in this part of the city.

Due to the national collection of the former institution, the collection also includes historical objects from the entire country and elements that can only be seen in this museum.

In addition to the factories in the capital, from textile factories in Sopron and Szeged; Relics can be found here from several different textile industries, from Bácsalmás, Székesfehérvár and Győr, as well as from companies of Szombathely and Kőszeg.

"The Goldberger" - permanent exhibition - Where did it get its name from?

With its permanent exhibition, the Goldberger Textile Collection of the Óbuda Museum aims to commemorate the history of the textile factory founded in 1784 by Ferenc Goldberger, which has existed for more than 200 years. The exhibition has a dual mission: On the one hand, it presents the process by which the workshop, which started as a manufactory of a few people, developed and grew into a world-famous company due to the modernization of successive generations of the family and shows the public how the factory existed in different eras and what led to its demise.

It had and still has a great influence on the life of Óbuda, and it has also become a key player in the contemporary Hungarian economy. The exhibition seeks to commemorate the development of the factory, making it easier to learn about textile printing technology through a number of interactive programs and stops during the exhibition.

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