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The museum was founded in 1919 by the business owner, world traveler and art collector Ferenc Hopp, who died in the late 1920s and left his eastern collection of about 4,000 pieces in his will to establish a Museum of Asian Art in Budapest. The collection is housed and exhibited in the owner's old villa on Andrássy street, which has operated as a museum since 1923. When it was founded and still is the only Museum of Oriental Art in Hungary, there is no other one in the country. The beautiful garden around Hopp Villa was a well-known place in the city with an oriental atmosphere in Pest, and is still an integral part of the museum's everyday life, as it provides the location for most of its programs.

Ferenc Hopp bought and collected his oriental works of art during his travels around the world and at major world exhibitions of his time. After the establishment of the Museum, the collection grew and beautified through donations, purchases, and the relocation of oriental materials from other museums. The collection now consists of about 30,000 works of art covering objects from China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea and the Middle East. The Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art also has the only library of oriental art in the country, as well as the only repository of such a profile, which not only preserves the documentation of exhibitions, but also it also preserves documentary material, such as photographs. The building of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art currently houses a temporary exhibition.

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