Dohány Street Synagogue


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The Dohány Street Synagogue is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. Commonly referred to as the Great Synagogue in the 7th district of Budapest. The building on Dohány Street is the largest synagogue of Hungarian neolog Jewry. It is located in the former Jewish Quarter, where many Jewish people live until present days.

The building was built in 1859 in neo-Moorish style. Due to its huge size, it can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Its function is not only about the Friday evening and  Saturday morning services, but also about culture. The synagogue isa cultural gathering space, the Hungarian Jewish Museum is located here. The place is a significant tourist attraction of the district, which attracts a lot of tourists to the area and to the surrounding streets. It also plays an active role in the cultural life of the capital, as it hosts classical music concerts and serves as a venue for various festivals; organ concerts and cantor performances are often heard within its walls.

An interesting fact is that the seats in the building could be purchased in the earlier days of the synagogue, so only the owner could use them in the future. Later, the future owners could sell, exchange or even take out a mortgage on it. It was a real privilege to have your own chair in the synagogue.

Next to the garden we find the Holocaust Memorial Park, where a Holocaust Memorial, in the shape of a tree on a red granite pedestal, designed by Imre Varga, stands.

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