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The Csopa Science Center is free with the Budapest Card. Yes, that’s right! There is no need to buy a ticket, it is enough to show your card at the entrance and you are ready to enter one of the most exciting and entertaining buildings in Budapest. Here you will find everything that makes you curious and everything that satisfies your curiosity. Everything that helps to understand the phenomena of nature and helps to bring to life what was just theory in school.

The Csopa Science Center is Hungary's first interactive scientific playground, which has been welcoming visitors of all ages for more than 20 years.

The Csodák Palotája, or Csopa for short, offers an all-day program, with more than 250 games and devices presenting physical phenomena, spectacular 5D, 9D and Cinema Experience are also held here, and scientific experiences as well.

Csopa can also be a place for unique birthday parties and unforgettable dates. Only the imagination can limit what can happen here in Óbuda.

The Science Center can be visited every day, so every member of the family can find free time to visit this huge playground. Everyone will have fun that can be incorporated into life as knowledge and explaining what may not have been completely clear for you until now. In the lecture hall named after Professor Öveges, visitors can take part in 4 exciting lectures and experimental demonstrations, which is also a lot of fun and last but not least, a lot of knowledge!

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