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25% discount with Budapest Card




Are you wondering how to get from the airport to the city center? We have some ideas, and thankfully the Budapest Card can help you out with this solution as well. The Budget Rent-a-Car was founded in 1958, as a car rental company for the "budget-minded" renter. It has been present in Hungary since 1990 – with great success. 

With its global network of nearly 3400 rental locations in more than 125 countries worldwide, Budget is a member of the ABG group, the second largest car rental network in the world.

You can rent a car from them at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport and drive through the city, explore different spots and those places, which would be extremely difficult by walking or public transport.

Use the Budapest Card to get 25% off!

Get your Budapest Card now!

No need to look for discounts and run after the cheap ticket sales. With the Budapest Card you will be able to hold all of it in your hand - easy to get and easy to use.

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