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Many people remember the beautiful spas when they hear about Budapest. There is so much of it in the Hungarian capital that it is not easy to list it. For this reason, the choice of which one to visit is not easy either, but this article was written to help the reader to choose a place to spend a pleasant weekday evening or a relaxing Sunday.

It is easier and faster to just hop on a BKK (Budapest Transport) vehicle and get to the destination in the shortest and fastest way, as cheaply as possible - the Budapest Card allows all this. There are no taxis and unnecessary miles. And it would be a shame to miss the spa. It's exactly like the Buda Castle, once here you cannot miss this.

If you visit the Hungarian capital, it is one of the must-see programs.

Budapest has had the title of a “spa city” since 1934 - deservedly, as this city has the most thermal and medicinal water wells in the world - not only the most beautiful baths.

Which spa to choose?

The entry to the Szent Lukács Spa is free for all Budapest Card holders. The St. Luke's Spa awaits all visitors with thermal pools, a swimming and adventure pool, a wellness area, sauna programs and a unique hammam massage.

We can find the Parliament close to the spa, but the Buda Castle is not very far either. The nearest is the Gül baba turbe, which offers fantastic views of the Danube and Margaret Island.

The Szent Gellért Spa can be used with a 20% discount by those who purchase the Budapest Card. It is located in the 11th district, where Szent Gellért square is, in the same building as the Danubius Hotel Gellért. This spa is also easily accessible, even by public transport. The Gellért Bath was badly damaged in the Second World War, so many works of art had to be replaced. Although it was still operating during this period, the women’s section was hit by a shot, because of that, it was almost completely destroyed.

They have always tried to preserve the original furnishings and style of the spa, including the Zsolnay mosaics, marble columns, glass and sculptures. Interestingly, it only closed once since it opened, because of a huge pipe rupture. Pest slang used to often call the bath "Gelázs".

People who visit Rudas also receive a 20% discount. The Rudas Spa is one of the Turkish baths in Budapest, largely preserved during the Turkish occupation.

The Turkish name for the bath was once the “Green Column Bath,” which it got because one of the eight columns that held the vault above its bath pool was green. The opinion of researchers is divided on the development of the Hungarian name. Some say that the name Rudas refers to the ferry bar that transports guests from Pest to Buda.

The elongated building of the spa consists of three parts: the southern part of the building used to have a bottling plant, which was completely rebuilt into a wellness department in 2014.

What is interesting about this spa is that an outdoor pool has been created at the southern end of the roof, from where bathers can watch the traffic on the quay and the Danube from the open air.

Rudas Bath has its own indoor swimming pool, the hottest thermal pool in Budapest, which is almost 29 °C. There are 21 hot springs near the Rudas Baths, which also feed most of the pools in the spa.

Everyone's big favorite, the Széchenyi Spa, can be visited with a 20% discount for guests presenting the Budapest Card.

In addition to the above spas, there is a 20% discount on the Palatinus beach, on the entrance to the Roman Baths, to the Aquaworld Resort Budapest and, in the summer, when the good weather arrives, to Lupa Beach as well.

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