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Despite its name, the Kiscelli Museum is not located in Kiscell, but as a unit of the Budapest History Museum, it is very much located in Budapest. Kiscelli Museum is also known as the Fővárosi Képtár or the the Capital Gallery, but it is often referred to as the Kiscelli Museum.

The cultural institution founded and maintained by the capital Budapest III. District. It is located a bit far from the city center, yet in a convenient location. Like Aquincum, this institution has found its home in Óbuda. The Baroque-style building complex sits on the hill above Óbuda and it was built between 1745 and 1758 according to the plans of the Viennese architect Johann Entzenhoffer and was originally a monastery of the Trinitarians.

The museum building houses two member institutions of the Budapest History Museum, which are separate in terms of organization and collection, but they operate and exhibit side by side. The collection of the Department of Modern City History covers documents related to the history of the capital after 1686, and collects and presents them to visitors, while the Budapest Gallery collects and presents the works of Budapest's 20th century and contemporary artists.

As a result, the artistic output of the Kiscelli Museum is very versatile and diverse. In the hall on the ground floor you can see the original statues of the Holy Trinity Square in Buda Castle.

Another downstairs exhibition offers a selection from the museum’s collection of over a thousand pieces of printing history, so there’s plenty to see if you choose this place as your museum of the week.

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