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Explore with us in the Castle Museum of the Budapest History Museum right next to the former royal palace, facing Gellért Hill, in an environment full of history.

With the Budapest Card, free admission to the museum is provided, which will guarantee a unique experience for the visitors in Budapest.

Visitors can see the restored halls of the medieval palace, the former castle chapel and the Gothic hall, as well as the museum's unique treasures: the Hungarian-Anjou coat of arms and some the Gothic stone carvings.

The Castle Museum does not only amaze visitors with its exhibitions. All your questions will be answered.

In addition to the history of the palace, the defining events and personalities of the history of Budapest are also presented in the exhibited masterpieces and objects from historical eras.

How did the Roman provincial center develop: Aquincum. How did all this perish during the wars and sieges of the Turkish era? How did Pest, Buda and Óbuda get to the unification and Budapest became one of the fastest growing metropolises in Central Europe in the 19th and 20th century? How did the Second World War ruin the great city and how did greater Budapest take shape, that the tourists can see nowadays? 

Those who visit the Castle Museum of the Budapest History Museum and the tourists participating in the exhibitions can find answers to all these questions. Guests can choose from both permanent and temporary exhibitions every day of the week except Monday.

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